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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the foam safe for kids and pets?
    Yes! Our Foam Solution is safe for everyone and everything as it is hypo-allergenic, dye-free, and biodegradable. It's even safe for kids, pets, and the environment. Moreover, we use only professional-grade foam solution.
  • What do you wear for a Foam Party?
    Lightweight shorts and shirts are advisable. Swimsuits and goggles are recommended for kids who will play in it for longer periods.
  • How do you clean up after a Foam Party?
    Our foam is designed to break down when exposed to sunlight. To speed up the dissolving process, simply spray water on it using a hose. Typically, it takes about a day for the foam to completely dissolve over larger areas.
  • Do you get wet in the foam?
    The foam may leave you damp after a few minutes and you can easily dry off in the sun. The longer you stay in the foam, the more you get wet.
  • Where should I have my Foam Party?
    Our Foam cannon alone can fill up an area of up to 30x30 ft. The foam works best on grass but it can also work on driveways, parking lots or closed-off roads.
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